Pike Township was originally part of Oley Township. Pike Township was erected as its own unit of government in 1812. A portion of Rockland Township was added to Pike in 1842. Its first settler, Johannes Keim, established Oley's first settlement site, about 1706, near the present location of Pikeville.

The leading industry in the early nineteenth century was farming. Also in the early days lumbering was important. When John Keim took up land and settled near Lobachsville, about 1718, some of the heaviest timber in the county could be found. Large walnut trees were cut down and lumbering and saw mills became a primary form of livelihood. The township also had numerous other mills including grist mills. Many of these mills still stand today and are symbols of the thriving industry that existed in the nineteenth century in Pike Township.

Lobachsville is the oldest village in the Township. Here, William Pott purchased a large tract along Pine Creek, where he established a farm and a grist mill. In 1745 he sold 59 acres, located downstream from his mill, to Peter Lobach where he and his sons founded an industrial community, with fulling mill, woolen factory, and the Lobach chair factory. Later Samuel Lobach opened a store that became the location of the post office in 1835. Samuel and Magdalena Lobach built a home across the road from the store, which was later converted into a tavern by their son, William Lobach.

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